Flex Design

Flex Design

Flex Offshore Vessels is a series of different vessel concepts satisfying the toughest demands within the offshore industry, all arranged with OMT’s new Twin Fin propulsion system. The designs meet the toughest standards for safety and environmental friendly sea transportation.

Latest development is:
Flex87-Arctic: especially arranged for operating in cold climate

Flex106-FW-BR: high capacity supply vessel intended for onsite production of fresh water and brine

Flex100-Arctic AHTS: designed for the toughest demands


Flex92-Arctic Salavtage Tug: oceangoing tug.


Offshore wind turbine service vessel: designed for the toughest demands. 


FLEX 65 – Arctic Service Vessell: designed for the toughest demands. 


FLEX 65 – Seismic Support: designed for the toughest demands. 


FLEX 80 – Standby Rescue Vessel: designed for the toughest demands.