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Odense Maritime Technology (OMT) was established in 2010 with Valcon A/S as a spin-off from Odense Steel Shipyard (OSS). Our unique strength lies in the technology expertise and experience that we bring from OSS within ship design, shipbuilding, ship retrofit concepts, ship licenses, ship repair, leasing, and marine industry outsourcing, coupled with the availability of a team of qualified naval architects, maritime engineers, project management and consultants.

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OMT is a leading maritime consultancy that traces its heritage back to 1917, when A.P. Møller, now known as A.P. Moller - Maersk, founded OSS in Odense, Denmark. Our headquarters is located in Odense – very close to the original Odense Steel Shipyard. OMT employs maritime experts and works with strategic partners in every major region of the world.

The OMT business model is based on knowledge rather than physical construction. OMT is focused on offering global maritime consultancy services and unsurpassed value and quality through innovation, advanced technology, eco-efficiency and maritime advisory for clients to realise lower investments, better operating results and increased profitability.

OMT consultants possess a wide range of maritime expertise, experience, best practices and disciplines gained from OSS in design, advanced technology, engineering and project management. Our expertise in maritime technology and management has been applied to the successful design and build of over 400 ships, including the world's largest in terms of capacity and most technologically advanced container ship; the Emma Maersk – a monument to maritime innovation and engineering.

OMT approaches each project with unique end-to-end value chain capabilities and disciplines with unsurpassed experience and know-how for shipowners, shipyards, offshore industries (oil and gas, wind turbines and wave energy), outsourcing and the suppliers delivering technology for maritime applications. We work with strategic partners and outsourcing around the globe to meet your specific needs.

OMT consults in the following areas: commercial and naval shipbuilding, ship conversion, ship repair, refit and eco-conversion, construction of shipyards, offshore, oil and gas, wind and wave energy, marine equipment, manufacturing, finance and leasing.