Experience and know-how

We are leading designers, production engineers and project managers for the maritime industry. Our maritime solutions are based on a close partnership with the client throughout each project and, as most of us are former Odense Steel Shipyard employees, solid experience from shipbuilding.

To optimise the clients’ desired results, we work closely with strategic partners and outsource around the globe, and we approach each project with unique end-to-end value chain capabilities and disciplines as well as experience and know-how.

We offer total solutions as well as defined partial solutions to meet your fundamental requirements. We deliver integrated solutions for shipbuilding, shipyards, brokering and marketing.

Our technical solutions are based on extensive research and development gained over the last ninety-four years.

The continuous refinement of innovation and leading edge technology has resulted in the highest quality as well as high economic and operational output.

OMT designs incorporate retrofit options to save energy, regenerate heat loss and lower the CO2 emissions.

Our ship designs are well recognised for their advanced technology, seaworthiness, use of excellent environmental solutions and operating performance.

Our proven products are state of the art, energy-efficient and prepared for expected future regulatory and environmental requirements.